Purchase Yakima Grass-Fed Angus

UPDATE 12-27-22, There are 1/8 and 1/4 packages avalible due to overstock, call soon to inquire!

We offer our 100% grass-fed and finished, slow grown, Angus beef once a year in mid August, which coincides with the growing season of the native grasses for optimal weight gain in the cow.

You can purchase our beef by the Eighth, Quarter, Half or Whole. Because by nature animals vary in size, so do our Angus. Therefore, we can’t give you an exact weight, only an approximation. We encourage our first time customers to partner with friends and family in the purchase. Our price per pound is based on the hanging weight.

Whole Beef Packaged

Price Per Pound

Yakima Grass-fed Angus delivers its beef with no hidden fees. Our price per pound includes all processing and packaging fees. Your beef will arrive frozen, labeled, vacuum sealed, and double wrapped with a shelf life up to two years in the freezer without compromising the quality.


The average cow weighs around 700 lbs. at the time of harvest the current prices for 2022 are as follows

$6 per lb for a full cow

$6.25 per lb for 1/2 cow

$6.50 per lb for 1/4 cow

$6.75 per lb for 1/8 cow

*The certified carcass weight is taken when the carcass arrives at the butcher shop; we base our pricing on this weight

How it Works

Life on the Ranch:
• Calves are born in midsummer on lush, green pasture
• Calves nurse through the fall and winter
• After weaning, calves graze on our ranch’s grasses, clover and alfalfa

Humane Harvest:
• When cows reach around two years of age, our locally sourced professional butcher visits
the ranch to harvest the beef
• They transport the carcass to a local cut and wrap facility, where the hanging carcass is
weighed* and hung for two weeks of dry-aging
•  Finally they cut, package, and freeze your meat

now taking orders for 2022!

Please call to inquire about beef available now as we frequently have a small surplus on hand.

Email: You can order direct from the ranch by emailing your order to yakimagrassfedangus@gmail.com.

Mail: Simply download the Order Form, print it out and send it in for your guaranteed beef reservation.

Phone: We would be happy to take your call personally and accept payment over the phone via credit card