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Great Sun, Great Water, Great Grass Makes Great Beef.

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This family reunion photo was taken in 1927 at my great-great grandpa’s Morgan horse ranch in Sawyer Kansas. My branch of the family tree led to Colorado where I grew up on a small fruit farm working with my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

The work was hard and the pay was terrible but the reward of living in the seasonal cycle of farm life inoculated me with an urge to return to the farm. Multiple twists eventually led me to a partnering on a horse rescue project, which led me to the need to grow hay, which led me to my ranch. I still sell horse hay but diversified to grassfed angus about 5 years ago.

Growing a herd has been slow and expensive but like farming in general filled with rewards that are, like the advertisment says, “priceless”. The natural cycle of the ranch, the birth of the calves, the greening of the pastures in the spring, the first snow fall of the winter, the return of the Marsh hawks, even the bitter sweetness of harvest day remind me that I am a part of an amazing interconnection of natural forces that are much older and much wiser than me.

About The Yakima Valley

Located in sunny Central Washington, the Yakima Valley is an agricultural hot spot. The Valley’s irrigated, high desert volcanic soil and over 300 days of sunshine per year allow for bountiful crop yields. With over 40 commercial crops—including apples, hops, and grapes—Yakima Valley has the largest variety of crops in Washington state. The fertile Valley is an ideal place to grow grass and raise healthy, grass-fed cattle.

Our Unique Farm

Our Angus cows are bred and raised in a natural pasture setting, the old-fashioned way— without the use of hormones, antibiotics, or grain products. The result: Happy, stress-free cows that thrive on pasture grasses and our very own farm-grown winter hay. From their first day of life to their last, our cows spend their entire existence on our lush farm, where they enjoy and socialize in an extended cattle family setting and feed on exceptional grass and hay. Healthy, content cows simply make better beef.

About Angus Beef

Angus cows, the most popular breed of cattle in the United States, produce beef that not only tastes delicious, but is also healthful. We choose Angus beef for its reliably high-quality texture, flavor, and marbled appearance.

Grass-Fed From Start To Finish

Each grass-fed cow on our ranch begins its life on our ranch. Following the natural cattle birthing cycle, our cows are bred in the fall and birthed at summer. This ensures young calves arrive during the warmer months. In contrast, most feedlot calves are born in crowded, confined, filthy environments—sometimes in the middle of winter. Our cows come into this world as they leave it: tremendously cared for and free from undue stress.

You Are What You Eat

Today, we know that when animals are fed what nature intended them to eat, their food products are better suited for our bodies’ needs as well. Cows that eat grass, as their bodies are designed to digest—rather than a high-starch grain diet—produce flavorful, nutrient-rich meat. From the grass growth cycle to the cattle life cycle, we are part of an ecological system that’s grand and exact. Living in better tune with these cycles improves the quality of life for the cows, the quality of meat they produce, and the quality of health that you enjoy.