Responsible Grass and Cattle Farming

We are committed to the humane treatment of our animals and dedicated to responsible farming practices. Our cows stay healthy without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or grain diets. Free to roam, graze, and socialize with their extended cattle family, our cows live happy, full lives. We believe in ranching with minimal environmental impact. By following natural grass growth cycles and practicing proper pasture rotation, we make certain our land stays viable for years to come.

A Firm Commitment to Humane Practice As a single-source farm, all our cows are fully raised on our ranch from birth. The diet is natural grass, the environment is low stress. It may take longer, but this approach results in better, healthier beef.

Our Commitment to You, We are confident you’ll enjoy our premium, quality grass-fed beef, we GUARANTEE it!

Premium Quality Grass Fed Beef
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